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Have a question or problem? Check our FAQ section to see if we have it covered already. If you do not see the answer, please call us at (320) 281-3500 and we will be happy to help you!

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General FAQ
Phone FAQ 

General FAQ

I purchased your service but I am not getting a bill. How do I know when to pay? Thank you for being a Duet customer. In an effort to be more efficient we do not send out paper bills. Your bill cycles on the 1st of every month, and is due by the 2nd. We would be happy to set you up so you will receive your bill via email every month. If this interests you, please contact us at (320)281-3500.
Can I pay my bill online?  YES! We offer several online services via our website:
- view your bill
- pay your bill
- setup automatic payment
 Please visit ebill.duetip.com to setup your account. You will need your 10-digit account number and one time pin. If you do not know this information, please contact us at (320) 281-3500 or click here.

Phone FAQ

Do I have nationwide coverage? Yes. Duet has partnered with T-Mobile and AT&T to provide our customers nationwide coverage and a local price. 
I just got a Duet phone but I am not able to receive picturemail In order to send or receive picture mail you must  have a plan with internet access. If you already have internet access on your plan, you can send a picturemail to (320)774-8444 and it will automatically activate your service.
I reset my phone and now cannot go on the internet or send picturemail We program specific server information to your handset that allows it to connect to the internet and to send and receive picturemail. If you an Android handset or an iPhone, follow the links below to add the settings

Android WAP/MMS info (coming soon)
iPhone WAP/MMS info (coming soon)

If you have a feature phone, please contact us at (320) 281-3500 so we can send you the settings over the air. 
Do I really have unlimited data? YES. Duet's unlimited data is just that...UNLIMITED. We do not cap, throttle or otherwise restrict your ability to use data in any way.
I just got a phone from Duet, but I can't call anyone All of Duet's phones require 10-digit dialing. Even though grandma lives across the street, you still need to add the area code. Remember, 10-digits save you minutes!
Can I tether my phone? How much does it cost? If you have an Android phone running version 2.2 or newer or an iPhone running iOS version 5.0 or newer then YES. You can turn your phone into a wireless hotspot. The cost for this is $0.00 - that's right, ZERO DOLLARS. This is part of your "UNLIMITED DATA PLAN"! (Note: certain older model phones also have the ability to tether to your computer using a data cable)
Do I have call waiting? Duet offers call waiting (CWT) on certain voice plans. If you are on a plan that offers CWT, by default, the feature will be turned off within your phone. Check in the CALL SETTINGS area of your phone to see if CWT can be turned on. Problems finding that section? Call us at (320)281-3500 and we will be happy to walk you through it!
How do I listen to my voicemail? The number to your voicemail box is programmed into your phone. Press and hold down the "1" or "2" keys on your phone and you will automatically connect to the voicemail system.
Can I check my voicemail from a different phone?


1) Call (320)387-9990 to reach the voicemail system
2) Enter your mailbox number - which is your 10-digit phone number
3) When you hear your greeting, press '#'
4) Enter the password you setup when you recorded your greeting
5) Press '1' to listen to your messages 


Internet FAQ

I purchased your internet service. Where do I sign up for email? We do not offer email service with our internet plans. We recommend some of the free email services that are available on the internet. Some of the advantages of using such a service is that your email address is no longer reliant on your internet provider. You also have access to all of your email no matter where you are, as long as you have internet access. Some of the free services we recommend are GMAIL (www.gmail.com), LIVE mail - formerly HOTMAIL (www.outlook.com), and Yahoo Mail (www.yahoo.com/mail
 I have your modem and I see a LAN and WAN ethernet port. Which one do I connect my computer to? You need to connect your computer to the LAN port. The WAN port provides a different funtion.
 How do I connect my existing wireless router to your modem?  The Duet high speed modem already has the wireless router functionality built in. You can connect your wireless enabled device directly to the modem and enjoy high speed internet. In the event you need to connect your personal router to the Duet modem, you will need to assign an IP other than to your wireless router. We will be happy to guide you through setup process. Call us.
Can someone else use my WiFi without me knowing? By default, we will secure your wireless modem with a password when you purchase it. We highly recommend using a strong 10 - 12 digit password that is known only to you. Once it is secured, others can see your wireless connection, but will not be able to access it without this password.
 I have security cameras and would like to view them via the Duet modem. Can I do that?  Absolutely! In order to interface with your camera system, you will need a static public IP. There is an extra $10 per month charge for this service. You will then receive your own public IP address that can be linked to the camera system.
My internet connection was great and is now slow. Is it my computer or your network? Internet usage can leave little crumbs of data on your computer. After time, these crumbs can start to affect performance. We recommend using a commercially available software cleaner to optimze your computer peridically. We recommend CCleaner (available free HERE). We also offer FREE tech support to all Duet customers. Check out our TECH NIGHT.
Can I use your modem for online gaming? Yes you can.
 Wireless internet inherently has a higher than normal latency because of the air interface. What this translates to is it takes a fraction longer for the signals to travel through the internet via a wireless network rather than a wired network. Most gaming systems and games will work ok. Certain graphic intense games may see some lower performance.