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full_house_phones.jpgDuet Easy Start

Just as the name suggests, the Easy Start program is a convenient way for you to purchase a handset with little to no up front cost. The program allows you to make easy $15 monthly payments for 24 months towards the cost of the handset. A vast majority of the handsets that qualify for this program require zero up front fee.


How do I sign up?

• Let the Duet sales person know that you are interested in the Easy Start program.
• Pick your device from the line up of qualifying handsets.
• Setup automatic payment for your bill.


What do I need to know about Easy Start?

• The Easy Start contract is twenty four (24) months.
• There will be a credit check run at the time of purchase.
• The Easy Start cost of $15 will be added to your plan for the first twenty four (24) months.
• Enjoy your new device!


Got more questions about the Easy Start program? ASK US!