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Duet will pay for repair or replacement of your “Guarded” Duet Device from a Covered Cause.a. Guarded Devices, means your wireless device and the basic accessories normally supplied by the manufacturer for that equipment.  Third party accessories are not eligible.b. Devices Not Guarded, means devices entrusted to others for service, repair or replacement.c. Covered Causes of Loss:  Risks of being damaged.

a. Duet will not Guard for a loss caused directly or indirectly by any of the following:
i. Governmental action, nuclear hazard and/or war and military action

b. Duet will not Guard for a loss caused by or resulting from any of the following
i. Intentional, dishonest or criminal acts by you or any of your agents to whom you entrusted the device.

c. Gradual deterioration, hidden defects, any quality in the device that causes it to damage or destroy itself, wear and tear, depreciation or obsolescence.

d. Cosmetic damage that does not affect the mechanical function of the device such as, but not limited to:
i. Marring, scratching or cracking ii. Change in color, texture or appearancee. Any work on the device including, but not limited to cleaning, programming, repairing, adjusting, servicing or modifying.

f. Programming errors, computer virus or other malicious software or code.

g. Intentional usage of the covered device in a manner for which it was not designed or intended.

The most Duet will repair or replace a Guarded Device is one (1) within any calendar year.

The deductible shown in the plan you chose must be paid to Duet before any repair or replacement procedure begins.

You must see that the following are done in the event of damage to your Guarded Duet Device:

a. In the event of damage to the Guarded Device, the Guarded Device must be returned to Duet at the same time that the damage is reported.

b. Take all the reasonable steps to protect the Guarded Device from further damage.

c. Permit us to inspect the property as often as we reasonably require to prove the damage being claimed.

d. We may require that you provide us with a signed, sworn proof of loss containing the information we request to settle the claim.  You must do this within 30 days after our request.  We will supply you with all the necessary forms.

e. Cooperate with Duet in the investigation or settlement of the claim.


a. Guarded territory – Continental US

b. Guarded period  i. Guarded period must begin at time of purchase Device and will continue in tact unless payment has not been received or cancelled.

c. Cancellation
i. Duet may cancel this program at any time with a 30-day advanced notice by mailing or delivery to you.
ii. You may cancel this program at any time, without refund, with notice to Duet.
iii. Notice of cancellation will state effective date of cancellation.  The program will end on that date. iv. If notice is mailed or emailed, proof of mailing will be sufficient proof of notice.

d. ChangesAny changes made to this program will be announced to you via mail or email 30-days in advance of change.

e. Eligibility
i. To be eligible for program you must be currently purchasing wireless communication services from Duet.
ii. The Guarded Device must be listed as part of the program and you must be current with your program fees.
iii. You must not be in breach of any term of this program, including but not limited to failure to return damaged Guarded Device when requested in conjunction with a loss.

f. Concealment, Misrepresentation or Fraud
This program is void in any case of fraud, intentional concealment or misrepresentation of a material fact, by you or any other, at any time concerning program eligibility and / or the Guarded Device.

g. Valuation
The value of the Guarded Device will be established as follows:
i. The cost of reasonably restoring the Guarded Device to its condition immediately before damage with parts of like kind, quality and functionality; or
ii. The cost of replacing the Guarded Device with substantially identical Guarded Device.In the event of damage, the value of the Guarded Device will be determined as of the time of loss or damage.

h. Loss Payment
Duet will repair or replace the Guarded Device within 30-days after we have received all necessary information, you have complied with all the terms of this program and Duet has agreed with you about the repair or replacement.

i. Appraisal
If Duet and you disagree on the value of the Guarded Device or the amount of the damage, either may make written demand for an appraisal of the loss.  In this event, each party will select a competent and impartial appraiser.  The two appraisers will select an umpire.  If they cannot agree, either may request that selection be made by a judge of a court having jurisdiction.  The appraisers will state separately the value of the Guarded Device and amount of damage.  If they fail to agree, they will submit their differences to the umpire.  A decision agreed to by any two will be binding.  Each party will:
i. Pay its chosen appraiser; and 
ii. Bear the other expenses of the appraisal and umpire equally.
If there is an appraisal, Duet will still retain our right to deny the claim.