High Speed Wireless Internet

Say Hello to Duet Wireless Internet

Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to transmit broadband signals in the same way that cell phone signals are transmitted. For many in Central Minnesota, that means being able to get service for the first time. That also means that you aren’t tied down to one room in your house.

Our Internet devices are so easy: sign up for service, take the router home, plug it in and start surfing. That’s it! Our 3G network offers speeds that leave dial-up and conventional DSL in the dust.

Duet offers two ways of accessing the Internet: fixed data and mobile data, making it simple for you to chose what works best. Fixed data devices and plans are designed for home or office use. Our mobile plans and devices let you travel with your Internet anywhere in the Duet coverage area.

With 3G wireless broadband service from Duet, you can surf the web, stream video, IM with friends…all at the same time. Even with multiple devices accessing the router at once, speeds will remain high.